Operating instructions

The use of our products in a system is the responsibility of the person who designed the system and defined its characteristics and must therefore comply with the following instructions:

  • All our motorised products must be installed in a secure environment. (e.g: protective cover, detection barrier, etc…)
  • In the event of maintenance or manual operation, special attention must be paid to moving parts. (e.g: risk of pinching, shock, etc…)
  • Only persons trained in the use of pneumatic equipment may work on a system using compressed air. The characteristics of the technical documentation must be respected. (e.g: speed, load, temperature, fluid, pressure of fluid, etc…)
  • Products must be secured correctly and guarantee this attachment in time. (e.g: vibrations, alternating forces, etc…)
  • No modifications must be made to our products without our authorisation. (e.g: machining, removal of parts, etc…)
  • Do not scratch or score the guides and cylinder rods. (e.g: columns, sliders, guideways, cylinder rods, etc…)
  • Follow the special instructions. (e.g: use of a gripper page M3-001)



All our products are tested before delivery and manufactured in accordance with the quality system ISO 9001. The warranty is limited to the sole supply of parts to replace parts accepted to be defective by our departments and exclude any damages for any reason. The warranty does not cover defect due to normal wear and tear, incorrect use, faulty operation, lack of maintenance, inappropriate storage, operating or environmental conditions or disassembly of the equipment without our authorisation. The warranty is valid for 1 year from the date of delivery. All claims must be made within 8 days following reception of the goods or detection of defects.



The lifetime of our products depends on their use, the environment and the load factor. However, under normal operating conditions, the lifetime is as follows:

  • Grippers : 5 to 15 million cycles
  • Rotary : 10 to 15 million cycles (excluding shock absorbers: 1 to 5 million cycles)
  • Linear : 2 to 200 millions metres variable depending on the type of guide and use: horizontal or vertical axis (excluding shock absorbers: 1 to 5 million cycles excluding standard cylinders: refer to manufacturer)
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