Type 3593
Damped conveyor stop

Damped conveyor stop

Pneumatic stopper with retractable finger by rotating 90° in the direction of movement of the pallet
Locking by toggle joint action

Options :
Detection of positions

3 possible contacts on the retractable finger:
.  Hydraulic chock absorber
.  Elastic absorber
.  Stop screw


Model 3593
Maxi impact force (N) 1280
Maxi accumulation force (N) 200
Repeatibility (except with elastic absorber) (mm) <0,05
Retraction angle (°) 90
Retraction time (s) 0,20

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Operating principle of the retractable stop

This retractable stop is drived by a double-acting pneumatic cylinder. It is retracted by a 90° rotation of the finger in the direction of movement of the pallet or the object to be stopped. When it is engaged to stop the moving element, it is mechanically locked by a toggle joint action which ensures high repeatability of this stop (<0.05 mm with mechanical stop).
The retractable finger supports an impact force of 1280 N max when it is engaged, depending on the speed and the mass of the object to be stopped, it is generally necessary to provide damping at the point of contact (elastic or hydraulic depending on the application).
The retractable finger is tapped as standard in M8x1 (other tapping on request, Ø12 max).
This tapping makes it possible to receive an adjustable mechanical stop to adjust the position of the stop, an elastic absorber or a hydraulic shock absorber
Detection by 2 inductive Ø8 detectors is optional.
A left version and a right version are available depending on the mounting direction.

Using of the retractable pneumatic stop

There are 3 common applications for this retractable stop:
• Create a conveyor stop, a stop pallet, a separating stop, a stopper cylinder
• Create an intermediate position for a manipulator or a linear pneumatic gantry
• Referencing a product on a workstation

   Conveyor stop, stop pallet, separating stop, stopper cylinder

For pallet systems, pallet conveyors, transfer system, workpiece flow system, the choice of contact on the finger will depend on the mass to be stopped and the displacement speed (see the diagram in the documentation). Usually an M8x1 hydraulic shock absorber is used for masses <15 kg up to 18 m / min and <9 kg up to 30 m / min. The stop can stop masses of up to 150 kg at 9 m / min with an adjustable M12x1 shock absorber.
An elastic absorber may be sufficient if stopping precision is not a desired function.

   Intermediate stop for pneumatic manipulator or gantry

For an intermediate position of a pneumatic manipulator, a hydraulic shock absorber must be placed in opposition to the stop screw (this mechanical stop allows repeatability < 0.05 mm) because the maximum admissible impact force of 1280 N corresponds, for example, to a mass of 12 kg at 1 m/s pushed by a Ø25 cylinder at 5 bars, damped by a M14x1.5 hydraulic shock absorber.

To facilitate implementation, it may be easier to fit the hydraulic shock absorber in the retractable finger, it is M8x1 threaded as standard, but we can, on request, make the finger with an M10x1 or M12x1 thread.

  Reference setting stop

For the referencing of a product on a workstation, this can be done directly without damping with the adjustable mechanical stop.

Pneumatic retractable stop

Opened position (with stop screw)

Pneumatic retractable stop

Closed position (with stop screw)









Damped conveyor stop pneumaticaly retractable

Left version with sensors, air fittings and M12x1 hydraulic shock absorber


Conveyor stop for M12x1 shock absorber

Left version with M12x1 finger and supports for Ø8 sensors (3593206G)



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