Type 32*R
H guide unit Strengthened Series

H Guide – Strengthened series

H-guide unit for pneumatic cylinders ISO Ø25 to Ø125
Sturdy guide on ball bushings or bronze bearings
Protected by wipers seals
Options :
Anti-corroding version
Rod clamping


Model 323R 324R 325R 326R 327R 328R 329R 320R
Cylinder Ø (mm) Ø25 Ø32 Ø40 Ø50 Ø63 Ø80 Ø100 Ø125
Guide rods Ø (mm) Ø12 Ø16 Ø20 Ø25 Ø25 Ø30 Ø30 Ø30
Cylinder standard ISO 6432 ISO 15552

More information on H Guide – Strengthened series

Sturdy H-guide

This Strengthened Series has bigger guide rods than the Classic series and a thicker front plate for longer centering of the rods to increase torsion strength: the plate / rods connection is generally the weak point of the Classic series when off-centered forces or loads are applied.

Guide unit for Ø125 cylinder

Adapted to the ISO6432 (Ø25) and ISO15552 (Ø32 to 125) cylinders, we can also adapt other types of pneumatic cylinders or electric actuators.

Sturdy guide on plain bearing or ball bearing ?

The plain bearing version is recommended for static radial loads, short strokes, dusty environments, it’s also the more economical version.
The ball bushings version is recommended for precision (no radial play), high loads at horizontal, long strokes and off-centered loads.

For critical applications, we propose Heavy series.

Anti-corroding version for sturdy guide unit

For environments requiring an anti-corrosion version, the steel parts can be supplied in stainless steel (rods, coupling, screws), the body and front plate are remaining in anodized aluminum (suffix /AC after the reference).

For all stainless steel guides, refer to the 34*X series.

Scrapers in polyurethane can be proposed for dusty or dirty environments.

Special strokes and maxi strokes

Any special stroke may be completed, within the limit of the following strokes:
. guide with rods Ø12 : 800 mm max.
. guide with rods Ø16 : 1000 mm max.
. guide with rods Ø20, 25 and 30 : 1200 mm max.


323R, 324R, 325R, 326R, 327R, 328R, 329R, 320R, 320R0130, 320R0230, 320R1130, 320R1230, 320R2130, 320R2230, 320R3130, 320R3230, 320R4130, 320R4230, 320R5130, 320R5230, 320R6130, 320R6230, 320R7130, 320R7230, 320R8130, 320R8230, 320R9130, 320R9230, 323R0110, 323R0210, 323R1110, 323R1210, 323R2110, 323R2210, 323R3110, 323R3210, 323R4110, 323R4210, 323R5110, 323R5210, 323R6110, 323R6210, 323R7110, 323R7210, 324R0130, 324R0230, 324R1130, 324R1230, 324R2130, 324R2230, 324R3130, 324R3230, 324R4130, 324R4230, 324R5130, 324R5230, 324R6130, 324R6230, 324R7130, 324R7230, 324R8130, 324R8230, 324R9130, 324R9230, 325R0130, 325R0230, 325R1130, 325R1230, 325R2130, 325R2230, 325R3130, 325R3230, 325R4130, 325R4230, 325R5130, 325R5230, 325R6130, 325R6230, 325R7130, 325R7230, 325R8130, 325R8230, 325R9130, 325R9230, 326R0130, 326R0230, 326R1130, 326R1230, 326R2130, 326R2230, 326R3130, 326R3230, 326R4130, 326R4230, 326R5130, 326R5230, 326R6130, 326R6230, 326R7130, 326R7230, 326R8130, 326R8230, 326R9130, 326R9230, 327R0130, 327R0230, 327R1130, 327R1230, 327R2130, 327R2230, 327R3130, 327R3230, 327R4130, 327R4230, 327R5130, 327R5230, 327R6130, 327R6230, 327R7130, 327R7230, 327R8130, 327R8230, 327R9130, 327R9230, 328R0130, 328R0230, 328R1130, 328R1230, 328R2130, 328R2230, 328R3130, 328R3230, 328R4130, 328R4230, 328R5130, 328R5230, 328R6130, 328R6230, 328R7130, 328R7230, 328R8130, 328R8230, 328R9130, 328R9230, 329R0130, 329R0230, 329R1130, 329R1230, 329R2130, 329R2230, 329R3130, 329R3230, 329R4130, 329R4230, 329R5130, 329R5230, 329R6130, 329R6230, 329R7130, 329R7230, 329R8130, 329R8230, 329R9130, 329R9230, 5131311, 5131411, 5131611, /AC










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